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Security Breakout session 16:30/17:30 Wuzhou Banquet Hall

IRC channel is #security

  • Nature of the session : A 2 ways discussion, presenting the existing W3C security activity by Wendy & Virginie and gathering your ideas
  • Goals : Collect new use cases, hear what are your security problems, what is your ideal trusted open web platform
  • Minimal background : No special background, just bring your business/market problems...


  • Round table (5')
  • W3C current security related security (5')
  • IETF recent discussion by Mark N (10')
  • What can we do better, more ? (30')
  • Wrap-up (10')

Current security related activities in W3C

In the Technology and Society domain there is a Security Activity Which includes : XML security WG (for maintenance), Web Application Security WG, Web Crypto WG, Web Security IG, Open item in TAG...


The minutes are available. Finding and possible action are summarized in a set of slides