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27 June 2013 Teleconference


Proposed Topics

  • Administrivia
    • TAG call agenda building - in the wiki?
    • How are we doing with the move to Github? (Peter)
    • The TAG Blog 2.0
    • Status update on the election
    • TAG Page redesign
  • Topics
    • Extensible Web Manifesto (Yehuda?) See [1]
    • Modularity / References (Yves) See this thread
    • TC39 Collaboration - we need to come back to Jeff with a proposal. (Dan)
    • Recommendations to RICG - how did it go, what did we learn, what else should we be doing?
    • Learnings from developer mixer event
    • AWWW 2nd edition? (Henry) See this thread
    • Who should we invite to the next TAG call? Candidates: WebApps, WebRTC...
    • Definition of Public Web? Anyone want to touch this?