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This is the Wiki page for the Manifest specification draft in the W3C System Applications WG

Use Cases (list of links)

The main use cases of the manifest specification from the end users point of view are the following:

  • Application management in user agent's local dash board
    • using manifest to Install, uninstall, update
    • using for auto update
    • redundancy check
  • Providing application's information for application installation/execution
    • Running conditions (e.g. memory size, network, icons ...)
    • Install file list and checksum
    • user notice (opt-in) for use of system permissions
    • User considerations - security , privacy
    • Change notification of local setting
    • Install conditions (e.g. memory size, install path ...)
    • Comparability conditions of WRT/UA
  • Web App Distribution by store
    • Application Submit & Registration
    • Application Searching
    • Application Pucharsing & Downloading
    • Multiple Web App Store Federation
  • Web App Store related information for Application problem report and refunding
    • where is Application's origin store (who is refunder)
    • How can reply the problem report and malicious app report
    • How can processing the User claim
    • Payment and refund
    • IAP(In-App Purchase) and refund
  • Contact to Application developer
    • contact information - Developer's URL, Email, Developer Name
    • Copyright condition
  • Crawling and Searching
    • It can be provided by the Web App store or Developer's own URL

Ecosystem of Application Manifest

The ecosystem of application manifest like as following:

Technical requirements

Manifest Property proposal

WG Drafts

Proposals (list of links)