System Applications: 4th F2F Meeting Agenda

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We would like to acknowledge support from the European Commission through funding for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2013-2015) under grant agreement n°611327 - HTML5Apps .


This will be hosted by eBay and colocated with the HTML and WebApps meetings:

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This Meeting Page, in particular the Agenda, is a WorkInProgress and Will Change!

  • HTML WG 8-9 April
    • 50 participants
    • Catering for breaks and lunch
  • SysApps WG 8-9 April
    • 20 participants
    • Catering for breaks and lunch
  • W3C/eBay Reception April 9th 5 PM
    • Everyone is invited!
  • WebApps WG 10-11 April
    • 50 participants
    • Catering for breaks and lunch

Meeting Logistics

Requests for observer participation

If you'd like to participate as an observer who does related work (e.g. in the WebAppsWG), please add your name here, with a list of the W3C groups that you're a member of). Please also contact Philippe Le Hegaret <> for a letter of invitation for the meeting.


This is tentative agenda for upcoming F2F meeting. If you have opinions, please send them to

1st day (8th Tuesday)

Morning session(09:00 - 12:00):

  • Introduction
  • Agenda bashing
  • Status and plan of Web App execution model
    • Manifest for bookmarking Web applications by Anssi, Kenneth
    • ServiceWorker by Alex?, Jungkee
    • Integrating System APIs (e.g. Push API and Task Scheduler API) into ServiceWorker execution context by Alex?, Jungkee, Jonas
    • Brain storming and discussion about the direction of security and privacy model

Afternoon session(14:00 - 16:00):

  • Raw Socket API revisited on WHATWG Stream API: Overall Status by Claes
  • Application Management API proposal: by Claes
  • Task Scheduler API: Overall Status by Chris
  • App-URI: Overall Status by Marcos

2nd day (9th Wednesday)

Morning session(09:00 - 12:30):

  • Data Store API Overall Status by Gene (slides: Media:DataStoreAPI.pdf)
  • Contacts Manager API: Overall Status by Eduardo, Jose, Chris
  • Messaging API: Overall Status by Eduardo, Jose, Zoltan
  • Telephony API: Overall Status by Zoltan, Marcos, Jose, Eduardo
  • Discussion on current charter and next step (including Phase 2 items)

Afternoon session(14:00 - 17:00):

Joint session with WebApps (10th Thursday)

This will be in the afternoon from 13:30 to 15:00 and is intended to cover specs of interest to both groups, e.g. Service Worker and Manifest format