System Applications: 1st F2F Meeting Agenda

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We would like to acknowledge support from the European Commission through funding for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2013-2015) under grant agreement n°611327 - HTML5Apps .


The meeting will take place on 9-11 April 2013 in Madrid, Spain. You are required to fill out the registration form.


The meeting will take place in Distrito Telefonica in Building "Oeste 1", ground floor, room tbd.

Address: Ronda de la Comunicación S/N, Edificio Oeste 1 (Building West 1), 28050 Madrid

Telefonica Campus Map: comollegamos02.jpg

You can see the surrounding area on google maps

WARNING: You need a passport for security clearance at Telefonica.


Madrid International Airport Barajas (MAD) has plenty of connections and good transport into the city.

The Telefonica Campus is in the north of the city and around 20-30 minutes by taxi from Madrid airport (25-35 Euros depending on the airport terminal and the time). For public transportation, you can use the underground station located inside the campus on the northern edge, "Ronda de la Comunicación" on line 10. Line 10 is divided in two sections and passengers need to change train at Tres Olivos station, crossing through the barriers to the other side of the platform.

If you are coming to Telefonica by metro from the airport, it will take about one hour. Take line 8 to "Nuevos Ministerios", transfer to line 10 direction "Hospital Infanta Sofía", change train at "Tres Olivos" and then get off at "Ronda de la Comunicación".

It takes about 45 minutes on the metro from the city center. A 5 day tourist travel pass gives you unlimited travel on the metro and bus network (including to/from the airport) and costs 26.80 euros if collected at the airport (more if delivered to your home).

Where to stay

Here is a link to a page with some hotel suggestions.

Agenda and Minutes

This is tentative agenda for upcoming F2F meeting. If you have opinions, please send them to

1st day (9th April)

Morning session(09:00 - 13:00):

  • Introduction
  • Agenda bashing
  • Execution and Security Model(including App:URI): Mounir, Ming and Marcos
  • Security Requirements for System Applications: John

Afternoon session(14:00 - 18:00):

  • Security Requirements for System Applications (Continued): John
  • Execution and Security Model(including App:URI)(Continued): Mounir, Ming and Marcos
  • Raw Sockets API: Claes

Minutes for day 1

2nd day (10th April)

Morning session(09:00 - 13:00):

  • Alarm API: Chris
  • Data models and filtering: Jonas

Afternoon session(14:00 - 18:00):

  • Messaging API: Eduardo, Jose and Zoltan
  • Telephony API: Jose, Eduardo and Zoltan

Minutes for day 2

3rd day (11th April)

Morning session(09:00 - 13:00):

Afternoon session(14:00 - 18:00):

  • Phase 2 items and its schedule
    • Use cases and Requirements
    • Proposals for new item
      • Geolocation API enhancements: Giri (Qualcomm Innovation Center)
      • Seamless mobility API: SungHan and Jonathan (ETRI)
  • Schedule of Next F2F
  • AOB?
  • Wrap up

Minutes for day 3