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List of Desired Features

  • If a graph is submitted more than once, new items are added, they should *add* to old ones, not remove old items
    • Done by default - TDH 20071002
  • all submitted URLs should be crawled once a day and updated.
    • Done, scheduled task added. I chose 12hr interval instead of 24 as a compromise. - TDH 20071002

Bugs and feature requests

list your bugs here. look if your bug was reported before. Below is a list of fixed bugs. Add your name to the bug and the date of reporting, (LeoSauermann, 2007-10-02)

There are no bugs, only features waiting to be requested. --TDH 20071105


  • RDF dump must contain all data (not only the top 100) and must be available as a single RDF/XML File. Also TRIG, TURTLE or some other standardized RDF serialization would be nice, direct links to these should be given from Info-gathering page. Dump can quite big (megabytes), this is intended. It should be like a dump of wikipedia, can be made nightly and put on some static apache server. URIs must be like "http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/sweo/public/Info/dump/rdf" for rdf/xml, and return a big xml document. We need this to download all data and feed it into other systems.
    • You can't have it all as just one rdf/xml file - that doesn't allow for expressing what graph is what. But I can do file-per-graph, which makes sense. - TDH20071024
    • Have made it dump files into DAV to be regenerated automagically every 12hrs in both rdf+{ttl,xml} serializations with an index.txt explaining the graph mapping for those who expect crude dumps to mirror with wget, but this is also be accessible via more SPARQL magic using rdfs:isDefinedBy like it should be :) -TDH 20071105
    • Have made http://sweo.openlinksw.com:8892/dumps/ your one-stop-shop for a directory index in either HTML or RDF depending on what you ask for using content-negotiation in a spirit of Linked Data -TDH20071107
  • after uploading, the "please wait" animation never stops (leo, 2007-10-02) - fixed, TDH 20071024
  • Link to ODS must be absolute, when showing on http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/sweo/public/Info/summary.vsp it is broken to: http://www.w3.org/ods (leo, 2007-10-02)
    • done - TDH 20071024
    • done better: now links direct to the briefcase ODS app - TDH20071102
  • Explain the "success state" flag on the summary page http://sweo.openlinksw.com:8892/summary.vsp -what does it mean?
    • whether the import was successful or not. 1 is happy. - TDH 20070926
    • could you write this on the page itself?
      • certainly could. Done the other numeric fields while I was passing and arranged for a pretty border too. - TDH 20071024
  • I don't see any content at all on http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/sweo/public/Info/ . I am using IE 6.0
    • - Wow, that thing is pernickety. Fixed, TDH 20071024
  • Security checks that URL is public - Done, TDH 20070713
  • I and other SWEO members need to be able to remove named graphs with a click - Done. See ODS Briefcase, ask me for login - TDH 20071002
  • at the moment, data that has nothing to do with the semantic web is in the store, could you review all graphs and remove them?
 (Tim: your photos, my foaf file, tim berners-lee foaf file, etc) :-) - Done, TDH 20070926