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Tutorial Material

If you know of good material, please add a link in the appropriate category. If you would personally recommend a particular document, please add your name by it (feel free to add links you're not sure about, and change your mind as more links appear). Provisional target is 3 really good docs in each category, not including specs.

If you believe the categories need changing (revising or new categories adding) please add a comment here.

Once we have tutorials and are happy with our list, we can upload it to REASE who then will do a ../ReaseForSweo portal

General Comments

(in response to todo list) @@In doing so, consider using a combination of the categories, as:

  • Overview of vision (non-technical)
  • Details of vision (technical)
  • RDF (and XML)
  • OWL (and Ontologies)
  • Enablement and usage (GRDDL, SPARQL...)

Non-Tech Intro

General non-technical introductions to the Semantic Web

(also /NonTechIntro)

Enterprise Intros (non-technical)

What do Semantic Web technologies bring to an enterprise?

(also /EnterpriseIntro)

Enterprise Intros (technical)

How can existing enterprise applications & services benefit from Semantic Web technologies?

(also /EnterpriseTechIntro)

Beginners' Technical Intros

Beginners' guide for the Semantic Web (technical).

(giving pointers to RDF-primer, cool-uris, linked data, RDFS-primer, OWL)

(also /BeginnersTech)

RDF Tools

Which RDF tool to use?

the most popular tools, jena, sesame, 3store, how to visualize it using treehugger or fresnel, etc

(also /RdfTools)

Sem Web Enabling

How to extend your Web (2.0) application to the Semantic Web...

Web 2.0 => Web 3.0!

(also /SemWebEnabling)

Tutorials for Specific Technologies

TODO - check which of the below are proprietary, classify

Miscellaneous Tutorials

anything that doesn't fit elsewhere

@@TODO check these out:




To Do

  • check listings on del.icio.us

The projects REWERSE and Knowledge Web developed a repository for learning units, called REASE (http://rease.semanticweb.org) There you can find educational material as well as educational acivities for the Semantic Web. There are different material types such as case studies, tutorials or presentations targeted not only to industry. (Dunja)

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