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Task Lead - Orri Erling

Vertical Follow-Up Questionnaires

This page contains ideas for follow up questions for specific SWEO audiences.


  • Do you have significant need for combining data from heterogenous sources?
  • Do you operate a data warehouse combining periodic batch feeds from different systems?
  • Do you have applications directly connecting to different RDBMS's?
  • Do you use business process orchestration, as in BPEL or other enterprise application bus technologies?
  • How do you rate the agility and maintainability of your data and application integration?
  • Do you operate web services end points for use by partners or the public?
  • Do you see a need for making more of your information systems queriable for software agents outside of the firewall?
  • Do you see any benefits in introducing a semantic layer for homogenizing the terminology and structures of disparate relational schemas, XML documents etc?

Web Developers

  • Do you use tagging? In the applications you develop? In the applications you use (Technorati, del.icio.us etc.)
  • What are the application scenarios you feel cannot be adequately addressed by

tagging plus full text search, if any?

  • Do you encounter issues, either as a user or developer, with information overload? Is there some needed

classification of incoming information that a combination of tags and spam filtetering does not do?"

  • Do your applications do web scraping, parsing of appluication specific HTML or such?
  • Do you use GRDDL or similar formats? Produce or consume?
  • How would you like to consume RDF information in your applications? Through a database-like API, such as the PHP MySQL client? Through a SPARQL protocol end point? As RDF files parsed and processed locally?