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Conferences and Meetings


Task Lead - LeoSauermann
Conferences and other public Events at which SWEO may wish to participate for education and outreach.

NOT the ESWC, ISWC, Semantic Technologies conferences, they are converted already.

  • Sep. 23-28, Austria: International Conference on Very Large Databases. Workshop deadline Feb 16, abstract submission Mar. 14, Paper/Panle/Demo/Tutorial deadline Mar. 21.
  • Oct. 24-26, The Hague, The Netherlands eChallenges 2007 Call for papers is Feb. 28.
  • Oct. 28 - Nov. 2, Orlando, US TDWI
  • Dec. 3-5, Boston, US XML 2007
  • Dec. 10-12, Las Vagas, US: NCDM

2008 Meetings


  • CHI 2008 - LeoSauermann is probably participating at the PIM 2008 Workshop, preaching the semantic gospel. We could join forces and try to get a Semantic Web Booth/Poster so that we can further inform and educate.

Life Sciences

  • InfoTech Pharma 2008
  • Bio-IT World 2008
  • Drug Discovery Technology 2008

Oil and Gas

  • Semantic Days 2008


  • International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries 2008


  • Internation Conference Database Enginnering 2008
  • Very Large Databases 2008
  • TDWI 2008


  • WWW2008, April 22-25, Beijing, China


  • Open Grid Forum 2008


  • PLAN-X 2008
  • XTech 2008



  • Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2008

2009 Meetings


  • WWW2009, April 21-24, Madrid, Spain



Smaller gatherings

  • In germany, LeoSauermann has been organizing Semantic Web hands-on hack-days with Anja Jentzsch, Chris Bizer and Richard Cyganiak, either in Kaiserslautern or in Berlin. We can build on that base and broaden it.
  • In germany, there is Web Montag which is a web-meeting thing on Monday frequently in bigger cities. Audience are Venture Capitalists and Enterpreneurs, Geeks, Hackers, and sometimes just web-users. Good networking occasion.
  • Cambridge Semantic Web Gatherings

Events organized by SWEO

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