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BOF on a Research Agenda For Linked Data

Location: Room L1 at WWW 2009 in Madrid



SESSION 1: we brainstorm in the plenary and the split into two subgroups addressing TOP10 and community issues

SESSION 2: from 4:30-5:30 in the two groups, then plenary presentation


  • reporting on public-lod?
  • gathering feedback from the larger LOD community
  • maybe move the consolidated TOP10 list to linkeddata.org (freeze it for now)

1. Brainstorming

1.1 Topics

  • Privacy (addressing the problem of increasing data availability about persons)
  • Multilingual datasets
  • Synchronizing Datasets and Links
  • Creating and maintaining links
  • Evaluation, metrics, benchmarks
  • Trust (measures, data provenance)
  • tools to generate linked data, computer aided, default mapping, then refine
  • schema-level mappings
  • long-term goal: fusion
  • design methodology for creating linked data
  • licensing/IPR issues (legal and social implications)
  • exploring vocabulary creation and usage
  • linking-aware data management
  • user interface/interaction and usability
  • visualising linked data
  • Internet of Things (devices, sensors)
  • Ways to search for URIs (not only keyword based), for example for Thesauri
  • Multimedia (fragments), addressing and describing parts of media items
  • using NLP for extracting links
  • using natural language interfaces
  • social impact
  • economic values and impact
  • community/Web-based schema creation and maintaince
  • history, logs, change sets, temporal tracking

1.2 Communities

  • database community (dataspaces, distributed databases)
  • Web engineering (focusing on applications)
  • natural language technology
  • multimedia/hypermedia (annotation, )
  • CC, legal informatics school
  • HCI
  • REST
  • application/domain-specific (business, bio, medicine, geo-info)
  • Web application developers
  • ontology
  • knowledge management / KR
  • machine learning
  • information retrieval

Expected Outcomes

  • from 1.1 a TOP10 list of research issues, see TOP10 list
  • from 1.2 a liaisons/community cooperation list, see communities sub page