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Books on Semantic Web: Intro

This page contains information on books that are strictly on the Semantic Web. There are, of course, lots of other books on Knowledge Representation, Logic, XML, Databases, etc, that are all relevant for the Semantic Web, but adding these to this list would be counter productive…

Keeping such list up-to-date is obviously a problem. It can be hoped that the community at large will help maintaining these pages.

The order in the listings below does not reflect any assessment of the product or tool; simple year and alphanumeric order is used. (Note that some of these books are already announced, but not yet available…). Please, keep to this order if you add a book to the list.

Beyond the obvious sources (Amazon and other listings), the initial set in this list reused publication lists that were published elsewhere, eg, Nova Spivak’s Listmania list, or the lists maintained by Danny Ayers or Uldis Bojārs, a.k.a. CaptSolo.

Thanks to the book mashup service set up by Chris Bizer and friends the RDF data (providing such information as Amazon's relevant data) for most of the books is also available. The URI for the RDF description is simply based on the ISBN number.

English Books



  1. Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies, Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph, CRC Press/Chapman and Hall (2009), ISBN:142009050X, RDF
  2. Programming the Semantic Web, Toby Segaran, Jamie Taylor, and Colin Evans, O'Reilly, (2009), ISBN:9780596802066, RDF
  3. Semantic Digital Libraries, Sebastian Ryszard Kruk, Bill McDaniel, Springer (2009), ISBN:3540854339, RDF
  4. Semantic Techniques for the Web, François Bry and Jan Maluszynski, Springer (2009), ISBN:978-3-642-04580-6, RDF
  5. Semantic Web for Dummies, Jeffrey T. Pollock, Wiley, (2009), ISBN:978-0-470-39679-7, RDF
  6. Semantic Web Programming, John Hebeler, Matthew Fisher, Ryan Blace, Andrew Perez-Lopez, Mike Dean, Wiley, (2009), ISBN:978-0-470-41801-7, RDF
  7. The Social Semantic Web, John Breslin, Alexandre Passant, Stefan Decker, Springer (2009), ISBN:978-3-642-01171-9, RDF


  1. A Semantic Web Primer, (2nd edition), Grigoris Antoniou and Frank van Harmelen, The MIT Press (2008), ISBN:9780262912423, RDF
  2. Building Enterprise Taxonomies, Darin Stewart, BookSurge Publishing (2008), ISBN:141969362X, RDF
  3. Emerging Technologies for Semantic Work Environments: Techniques, Methods, and Applications, Jörg Rech, Björn Decker and Eric Ras, ISBN:9781599048772
  4. Semantic Grid, Zhaohui Wu and Huajun Chen, Springer Verlag (2008), ISBN:9783540794530, RDF
  5. Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, Dean Allemang and Jim Hendler, Morgan Kaufmann (2008), ISBN:0123735564, RDF
  6. The Semantic Web, Vipul Kashyap, Christoph Bussler, Matthew Moran, Springer (2008), ISBN:978-3-540-76451-9, RDF


  1. Ontological Engineering: With Examples from the Areas of Knowledge Management, E-Commerce and the Semantic Web, 2nd edition, Asunción Gomez-Perez, Mariano Fernandez-Lopez, Oscar Corcho, Springer (2007), ISBN:1846283965, RDF
  2. Ontology Matching, Jérôme Euzenat and Pavel Shvaiko, Springer (2007), ISBN:3540496114, RDF
  3. Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services, Liyang Yu, Chapman & Hall/CRC (2007), ISBN:1584889330, RDF.
  4. Semantic Web: Concepts, Technologies and Applications, K.K. Breitman, M.A. Casanova, W. Truszkowski, Springer (2007), ISBN:978-1-84628-581-3, RDF
  5. Social Networks and the Semantic Web, Peter Mika, Springer (2007), ISBN:9780387710006, RDF.


  1. Semantic Web Services, Processes and Applications, Jorge Cardoso and Amit Sheth (Editors), Springer (2006), ISBN:0387302395, RDF. In the German National Library this book has the title Semantic and Dynamic Web Processes
  2. Building Integrative Enterprise Knowledge Portals with Semantic Web Technologies, T. Priebe, IOS Press (2006), ISBN:1586035843, RDF
  3. Agency and the Semantic Web, Christopher Walton, Oxford University Press (2006), ISBN:0199292485, RDF
  4. Ontology Learning for the Semantic Web, Alexander Maedche, The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Volume 665, Springer, (2006), ISBN:0792376560,RDF
  5. Semantic Web and Education, Vladan Devedzic, Springer (2006), ISBN:0387354166, RDF
  6. Web Semantics Ontology, David Taniar and Johanna Wenny Rahaju, Idea Group (2006), ISBN:1591409063, RDF


  1. Intelligent Learning Infrastructure for Knowledge Intensive Organizations: A Semantic Web Perspective, Miltiadis D. Lytras, Idea Group (2005), ISBN:1591405033, RDF
  2. Owl: Representing Information Using the Web Ontology Language, Lee W. Lacy, Trafford Publishing (2005), ISBN:1412034485, RDF
  3. The Semantic Web: Crafting Infrastructures for Agency, Bo Leuf, John Wiley and Sons Ltd (2005), ISBN:0470015225, RDF


  1. A Semantic Web Primer, Grigoris Antoniou and Frank van Harmelen, The MIT Press (2004), ISBN:0262012103, RDF
  2. Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web, Thomas B. Passin, Manning (2004), ISBN:1932394206, RDF
  3. Intelligent Information Integration for the Semantic Web, Ubo Visser, Springer (2004), ISBN:3540229930, RDF
  4. Ontological Engineering: With Examples from the Areas of Knowledge Management, E-Commerce and the Semantic Web, 1st edition, Asunción Gomez-Perez, Mariano Fernandez-Lopez, Oscar Corcho, Springer (2004), ISBN:1852335513, RDF


  1. Information Sharing on the Semantic Web, Heiner Stuckenschmidt and Frank van Harmelen, Springer (2004), ISBN:3540205942, RDF
  2. Ontologies: A Silver Bullet for Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce, 2nd Edition, Dieter Fensel, Springer (2003), ISBN:3540003029, RDF
  3. Practical RDF, Shelley Powers, O'Reilly Media (2003), ISBN:0596002637, RDF
  4. The Semantic Web: A Guide to the Future of XML, Web Services and Knowledge Management, Michael C. Daconta, Leo J. Obrst, and Kevin T. Smith, John Wiley & Sons Inc (2003), ISBN:0471432571, RDF

2002 and earlier

  1. XML Databases and the Semantic Web, Bhavani Thuraisingham, CRC, (2002), ISBN:0849310318, RDF
  2. Creating the Semantic Web with RDF: Professional Developer's Guide, Johan Hjelm, Wiley (2001), ISBN:0471402591, RDF
  3. Weaving the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, HarperCollins (2000), ISBN:006251587X, RDF

Workshop and conference proceedings, and paper collections in the past three years


  1. Ontology Economics, Martin Hepp and Robert Tolksdorf, (Editors), Springer (2010), ISBN:978-0-387-88768-5, RDF
  2. Semantic Web Information Management, Roberto De Virgilio, Fausto Giunchiglia, and Letizia Tanca, (Editors), Springer (2010), ISBN:978-3-642-04328-4, RDF


  1. Handbook on Ontologies, Steffen Staab and Rudi Studer, (Editors), Springer (2009), ISBN:978-3-540-70999-2, RDF
  2. Reasoning Web Semantic Technologies for Information Systems, Sergio Tessaris, Enrico Franconi, Thomas Eiter, Claudio Gutierrez, Siegfried Handschuh, Marie-Christine Rousset, and Renate A Schmidt, (Editors), Springer (2009), ISBN:978-3-642-03753-5, RDF
  3. Semantic Digital Libraries, Sebastian Ryszard Kruk and Bill McDaniel, (Editors), Springer (2009), ISBN:978-3-540-85433-3, RDF
  4. Semantic Technologies for E-Government, Tomas Vitvar, Vassilios Peristeras, and Konstantinos Tarabanis, (Editors), Springer (2009), ISBN:9783642035067, RDF
  5. Semantic Web for Business: Cases and Applications, Roberto García (Editor), Information Science Publishing (2009), ISBN:, RDF
  6. Semantic Web Services Challenge, Charles Petrie, Tiziana Margaria, Holger Lausen, Michal Zaremba, (Editors), Springer (2009), ISBN:978-0-387-72495-9, RDF
  7. The Semantic Web: Research and Applications, 6th European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2009 Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 31– June 4, 2009, Lora Aroyo, Paolo Traverso, Fabio Ciravegna, Philipp Cimiano, Tom Heath, Eero Hyvönen, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Eyal Oren, Marta Sabou, and Elena Simperl (Editors), Springer (2009), ISBN:978-3-642-02120-6, RDF
  8. The Semantic Web, 8th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2009, Chantilly, VA, USA, October 25-29, 2009, Abraham Bernstein, David R. Karger, Tom Heath, Lee Feigenbaum, Diana Maynard, Enrico Motta, and Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan (Editors), Springer (2009), ISBN:978-3-642-04929-3, RDF


  1. Implementing Semantic Web Services, The SESA Framework, Dieter Fensel, Mick Kerrigan, Michal Zaremba, (Editors) Springer (2008), ISBN:978-3-540-77019-0, RDF
  2. Modeling Semantic Web Services, Jos de Bruijn, Dieter Fensel, Mick Kerrigan, Uwe Keller, Holger Lausen, James Scicluna (Editors), Springer (2008), ISBN:978-3-540-68169-4, RDF
  3. Ontology Management, Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services, and Business Applications, Marin Hepp, Pieter de Leenheer, Aldo de Moor, and York Sure (Editors), Springer (2008), ISBN:978-0-387-69899-1, RDF
  4. Semantic Web Engineering in the Knowledge Society, Jorge Cardoso and Miltiadis D. Lytras (Editors), Idea Group Inc (IGI) (2008) ISBN:978-1-60566-112-4, RDF
  5. The Semantic Web: Real-World Applications from Industry, Jorge Cardoso, Matin Hepp, Miltiadis D. Lytras, (Editors), Springer (2008), ISBN:978-0-387-48530-0, RDF
  6. The Semantic Web: 7th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 2008, Amit Sheth, Steffen Staab, Mike Dean, Massioma Paolucci, Diana Maynard, Timothy Finin, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan (Editors), Springer (2008), ISBN:3-540-88563-3, RDF
  7. The Semantic Web: Research and Applications, 5th European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2008, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, June 1-5, 2008 Proceedings, Sean Bechhofer, Manfred Hauswirth, Jörg Hoffmann, and Manolis Koubarakis (Editors), Springer (2008), ISBN:978-3-540-68233-2, RDF


  1. Proceedings of the 6th International Semantic Web Conference and 2nd Asian Semantic Web Conference (ISWC/ASWC2007), Karl Aberer, Natasha Noy, Kyung-Il Lee, Jennifer Golbeck, Diana Maynard, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux (Editors), Springer (2007) ISBN:978-3-540-76297-3
  2. Real-world Applications of Semantic Web Technology and Ontologies, Jorge Cardoso, Martin Hepp, and Miltiadis D. Lytras (Editors), Springer (2007) RDF
  3. Reasoning Web, Third International Summer School 2007, Dresden, Germany, September 3-7, 2007, Tutorial Lectures, Grigoris Antoniou, Uwe Aßmann, Cristina Baroglio, Stefan Decker, Nicola Henze, Paula-Lavinia Pătrânjan, and Robert Tolksdorf (editors), LNCS 4636, Springer (2007), ISBN:9783540746133
  4. Semantic Web-Based Information Systems: State-of-the-Art Applications, Amit Sheth and Miltiadis D. Lytras (Editors), CyberTech Publishing (2007), ISBN: 1-59904-426-9, RDF
  5. The Semantic Web — Research and Applications: 4th European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2007 Innsbruck, Austria, June 3-7 Enrico Franconi, Michael Kifer and Michael May (Editors) Springer (2007), ISBN:9783540726661, RDF
  6. Semantic Web Services, Concepts, Technologies, and Applications, Rudi Studer, Stephan Grimm, Andreas Abecker, (Editors), Springer (2007), ISBN:978-3-540-70893-3, RDF
  7. Semantic Web Technologies and E-Business: Toward the Integrated Virtual Organization and Business Process Automation, A.F. Salam and Jason R. Stevens, IGI Global (2007), ISBN:1599041928, RDF
  8. Web Reasoning and Rule Systems, Massimo Marchiori, Jeff Z. Pan, Christian de Sainte Marie (editors), Proceedings of the First International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR2007), LNCS 4524, Springer (2007), ISBN:9783540729815

French Books

  1. Web Sémantique et Informatique Linguistique : propositions méthodologiques et réalisation d’une plateforme logicielle, Florence Amardeilh, Edilivre, Collection Universitaire (2008), ISBN: 9782812101274
  2. Information Interaction Intelligence, N° hors-série : Le web sémantique, Jean Charlet, Philippe Laublet, et Chantal Reynaud, Cépaduès (2005), ISBN:2854286669

German Books

  1. Semantic Web: Grundlagen, Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph und York Sure, eXamen.press, Springer (2008), ISBN:3540339930, RDF
  2. Social Semantic Web: Web 2.0 - Was nun?', Andreas Blumauer und Tassilo Pellegrini, X.Media.press, Springer (2008), ISBN:3540722157, RDF
  3. Semantic Web. Wege zur vernetzten Wissensgesellschaft, Tassilo Pellegrini, Springer (2006), ISBN:3540293248, RDF
  4. Shopping on the Semantic Web - Entwicklung eines E-Commerce Szenarios basierend auf Semantic Web Technologien, Anne Müller, Diplomica (2004), ISBN: 383248017X

Italian Books

  1. Semantic Web - Dai fondamenti alla realizzazione di un'applicazione, Emanuele Della Valle, Irene Celino, Dario Cerizza, Pearson Addison-Wesley (2009), ISBN:9788871925783

Hungarian Books

  1. A szemantikus világháló elmélete és gyakorlata, Szeredi Péter, Lukácsy Péter, és Benkő Tamás, TypoTex (2005), ISBN:9639548480
  2. Szemantikus Web - Bevezetés a tudásalapú Internet világába, Gottdank Tibor, ComputerBooks (2005), ISBN:9636183392

Chinese Books

  1. 语义网简明教程 A First Step Towards The Semantic Web, Wei Song, Ming Zhang, Higher Education Press, Beijing (2004) ISBN:7-04-015515-X

Japanese Books

  1. セマンティック・ウェブのためのRDF/OWL入門 (An Introduction to RDF/OWL for Semantic Web), Masahide Kanzaki, Morikita Shuppan (2005), ISBN:978-4-627-82931-2, RDF
  2. セマンティックHTML/XHTML (Semantic HTML/XHTML), Masahide Kanzaki, Mainichi Communications (2009), ISBN:978-4-8399-3195-7, RDF