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Aim : running Timeline from live data, obtained via RDF/SPARQL

1. Locate/create some RDF (I started with the RSS feed from Planet RDF)

2. Load it into a triplestore (I used Jena)

3. Run a suitable SPARQL SELECT query to produce XML results containing the data of interest Media:SparqlTimeline$rss_2006-07-09.rq

4. Use XSLT to convert this into JSON suitable for Timeline Media:SparqlTimeline$sparql2timeline_2006-07-09.xsl

5. Link this into Timeline

Mostly works, see screenshot SparqlTimeline$timeline.png, clicking on an item makes it pop up, clicking and dragging moves the whole timeline left-right

Source in Media:SparqlTimeline$

Update: David Huynh fixed the CSS links etc : [[Media:SparqlTimeline$timeline.html],|Media:SparqlTimeline$planetrdf.js]

MortenFrederiksen has created a live SPARQL timeline service!

See also: hEvents to Timeline, same idea applied to microformat data