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Connections Base API


The original Connections APIs were focused on content view and update, based on the Atom format and organised on the individual access to each of the components present. Including . . .-

  • Profiles - for User management
  • Communities - for group management and access control
  • Blogs - personal and community based
  • Forums - independent and community based
  • Activities - for project management
  • Wikis - independent and community based
  • Files - for individual file sharing and as part of communities


POST to /forums/atom/replies

<entry xmlns:thr="" xmlns="">
   <title type="text">Test reply 1</title>
   <content type="text">reply test</content>
   <category scheme="" term="forum-reply"></category>

Further reading

Details can be seen in IBM Connections 5.0 APIs

Connections Open Social API


As part of the development of an extensible Activity Stream, Connections adopted and supported Open Social formats. This included the adoption of the Activity Streams API along with some significant extensions necessary to provide a meaningful user experience. In addition a microblogging API was introduced as a subset of the same interface. The current extensions being addressed for microblogging are -

  • The inclusion of embedded file representations (based on references to OpenGraph supporting URLs)
  • The inclusion of @mentions references including automatic update of business card references

You can see some of the basic extensions here Connections Extensions to Open Social


Note the templated title below

 "actor": {
   "id": "@me"
 "verb": "post",
 "title": "${share}",
 "content":"This event is my first entry",
 "updated": "2012-01-01T12:00:00.000Z",
 "object": {
   "summary": "First Entry details",
   "objectType": "note",
   "id": "objectid",
   "displayName": "First entry",
   "url": ""

Further reading

Details can be seen in Connections 5.0 Open Social API