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For linking to and discussing additional work going on in addition to the Socialwg, especially outside of W3C. Items listed have various licenses, some known to be open, some with known IPR, others without.

All specs CC0 + OWFa 1.0:

  • microformats2 generic syntax, parsing, and
  • h-entry format for posts, streams
  • h-card format for people, companies, organizations
  • h-cite format for citing references to posts and other web documents
  • rel=in-reply-to link relation to explicitly link from a reply to what is being replied to.


CC0+OWFa specs:

  • IndieAuth - protocol for decentralized identity and authentication
  • webmention - protocol for page to page link notifications
  • Micropub - API standard for creating social posts

CC0 specs/work (should be easy to add OWFa too)

  • fragmentions - extension to URL format for linking to text on a page
  • marginalia - protocol extension to webmention that uses fragmentions for page to text on a page link notifications




IETF copyright/patent licensing (RFC3979, RFC3978) - For IETF publications, IPR is handled on a case-by-case basis. Contributors are required to submit any relevant IPR claims they are aware of. The IETF and the IESG do not take steps to validate any claims.

OpenID Foundation

(c) 2014 The OpenID Foundation, bespoke license resembling CC-BY with apparent patent non-assert

Independent Mailing Lists

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