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The Micropub protocol is used to create, update and delete posts on one's own domain using third-party clients. Web apps and native apps (e.g., iPhone, Android) can use Micropub to post and edit articles, short notes, comments, likes, photos, events or other kinds of posts on your own website.

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All features of the spec have two or more independent implementations.

News Item

The W3C <a href="">Social Web Working Group</a> has determined that there are sufficient interoperable implementations of Micropub clients and servers to advance the <a href="">Micropub specification</a> to Proposed Recommendation. Micropub provides an API standard and extensible way for clients to post, delete, and update social content to servers such as blogs or social media. In particular, we encourage existing implementations of AtomPub (RFC 5023), and the MetaWeblog API (AKA "XML-RPC") to upgrade to Micropub which both supports richer content types, and has additional security & privacy benefits.