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GitHub process

See: Socialwg/Github_Process

AS2 submitters

If you plan on submitting pull requests against any of the group's specifications on GitHub, please list your name, github ID and w3C member affiliation here.

W3C username Name Github username Affiliation
James M Snell jasnell IBM
Andreas Kuckartz akuckartz Invited Expert
Shane Hudson shanehudson Invited Expert
Matt Marum opensocial-vp-projects OpenSocial
Aaron Parecki aaronpk Invited Expert
Laurent-Walter Goix wasvel Telecom Italia
wilkie wilkie Invited Expert
Pelf elf Pavlik elf-pavlik Invited Expert
Benthatmustbeme Ben Roberts dissolve Invited Expert
abasset Ann Bassetti annbass Invited Expert
Kevin Marks kevinmarks Invited Expert
Amy Guy rhiaro
Adam Boyet aboyet
Evan Prodromou evanp
Jessica Tallon xray7224
Guangyuan Piao parklize
Christopher Allan Webber cwebber
Erik Wilde dret
Harry Halpin hhalpin
Aaronpk Aaron Parecki aaronpk Invited Expert
Jaywink Jason Robinson jaywink Invited Expert
Tantek Çelik tantek Mozilla
Sarven Capadisli csarven Invited Expert
AJ Jordan strugee Invited Expert

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