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To: the group (optionally), the acting Director, the domain lead, W3C Comm Team <>, "" <>

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Transition Request

This is a transition request to Candidate Recommendation.

Document title, URIs, and estimated publication date

The document Abstract and Status sections

Abstract: The ActivityPub protocol is a social networking protocol based upon the [ActivityStreams] 2.0 data format. It is based upon experience gained from implementing and working with the OStatus and protocols.

Status of the document

Decision to request transition



Requirements satisfied

No requirements document.

Dependencies met (or not)

Issues addressed

See issue tags and history

Formal Objections

Wide Review

Security & Privacy

i18n (checklist)

Went through the checklist, thought that the answers were the same as for ActivityStreams


Issues and input

See also Socialwg/ActivityPub_wide_review.

Since coming to W3C, x [ issues remaining open which were questions resulting in imminent editorial updates.

146 issues have been opened, by or on behalf of 27 different people, 14 of whom are not in the WG.

ActivityPub terms need to be added to AS2 namespace, but this is known

Announcements to relevant communities:

Discussion and presentation outside of the WG:


Projects planning to implement:

Patent disclosures


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