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Transition Request

This is a transition request for two documents to Candidate Recommendation.

Document title, URIs, and estimated publication date

The document Abstract and Status sections


  • Core: This specification details a model for representing potential and completed activities using the JSON format.
  • Vocab: This specification describes the Activity vocabulary.


  • Standard Respec

Decision to request transition


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Requirements satisfied

No formal requirements. Charter says:

The Working Group, in conjunction with Social Interest Group, will determine the use cases that derive the requirements for the deliverables. Features that are not implemented due to time constraints can be put in a non-normative "roadmap" document for future work. The scope will include:

A transfer syntax for social data such as activities (such as status updates) should include at least the ability to describe the data using URIs in an extensible manner, time-stamping, and should include a serialization compatible with Javascript (JSON) and possibly JSON-LD. Formats based on XML or other data serializations are out-of-scope.

The group produced:

Dependencies met (or not)

Normative References are all W3C Rec or RFC.

Charter Dependencies appear not relevant, except horizontal review in progress.

Wide Review

200+ issues on github.

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Issues addressed

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News Item

W3C invites implementations of ActivityStreams 2.0

The W3C <a href="">Social Web Working Group</a> is calling for implementations of <a href="">Activity Streams 2.0 Core</a> and <a href="">Activity Streams 2.0 Vocabulary</a>, which are now Candidate Recommendations. Together, the ActivityStreams 2.0 specifications aim to provide a standard and extensible way to represent and pass around social data and streams of interactions on the Web. The Core specification provides a model for representing potential and completed social activities using the JSON format. The Vocabulary describes a number of common activity types and their properties to be used with the core. In particular, we encourage existing implementors of ActivityStreams 1.0 to upgrade to the new model, and the Core specification provides <a href="">guidance for doing so</a>.