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Social Web Working Group Teleconference

01 Aug 2017

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sandro, ajordan, rhiaro, cwebber, eprodrom


<scribe> scribenick: rhiaro


<Loqi> [@strugee2] today on the #SocialWG call: @sandhawke: "so it sounds like instead of shaving the yak, you implemented a new yak"

Approval of last week's minutes

<eprodrom> PROPOSED: Accept as minutes of 25 July 2017 meeting

eprodrom: please take a moment to look at those minutes

<rhiaro> +1

<eprodrom> +1

<cwebber2> +1

<ajordan> +1

RESOLUTION: Accept as minutes of 25 July 2017 meeting

Summer meeting schedule

eprodrom: We have postponed our 8/8 and 8/22 meetings
... Just to be clear, it's too late to re-schedule those. Is there an emergency where we need to have one of these meetings?
... Anything urgent that can't be handled on the 15th, we cannot handle on the 8th or 22nd
... I will be irritated if anyone asks me to chair either of those :)
... I assume tantek is chairing on the 15th
... And I will be here on the 15th
... Want to also make sure it's clear we have a 90 minute meeting today
... We can finish early if everything is wrapped up


UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: Chris, update?


<Loqi> Strugee made 1 edit to Socialwg/2017-08-01

<cwebber2> NOOOO

<cwebber2> call failed

cwebber2: Last week I was saying that I was held up by a language issue. I did a lot of work this week to try to resolve that. I needed help from the actual language a-

<cwebber2> ... I turned on airplane mode with my cheek

eprodrom: do we have aaronpk or julien on?

cwebber2: I figured out a way forward that involves shaving a different yak. It's almost entirely shaved and seems to be working. Tests suite should be up by the next meeting.
... Other news, in the mastodon beta release, they mentioned WIP AP support
... They have AS2 data representation, but not full AP API yet
... That's the state of things. Short update.

eprodrom: The yak shaving is for the test suite or for an implementation?

cwebber2: The test suite. There was an underlying structural issue that prevented me from launching the test suite, but it's nearly plugged.

eprodrom: Any outstanding issues?

cwebber2: Things have stayed pretty quiet over the last week

ajordan: Don't we have outstanding issues from a while ago? The private message issue?

cwebber2: I thought that got moved to extension, because we resolved that if it wasn't a protocol issue, it could hbe handled as an extension


<Loqi> [puckipedia] #239 mediaUpload: only post to outbox if it's a Create activity?

cwebber2: There is one that's kind of really open for discussion, but I haven't done enough research on it yet
... I said I'd look at how twitter and other things were doing it to make sure we're doing the right thing, but I havne't had enough time to do that

eprodrom: So that's it for AP?

cwebber2: Yep


eprodrom: aaronpk or julien on?
... Since they haven't spoken up yet, I'm going to assume that neither aaronpk nor julien is available
... Does anyone know of any discussion points that we should address about WebSub that we can talk about in their absence?
... My guess is that we don't, but now is the chance..

Post type discovery


<Loqi> [Tantek Çelik] Post Type Discovery

eprodrom: Last week we had a resolution to update PTD. Tantek made an update to the agenda that he's done a new WD
... Probably worth reviewing
... Not sure if there are ways for us to make any progress on PTD without tantek here
... Any discussion?


eprodrom: We had talked about ideas for bridging webmention and AP, is that in SWP?

ajordan: We haven't discussed that, I forgot
... I can coordinate with rhiaro

<rhiaro> o/

eprodrom: Any other progress on other documents?


cwebber2: No meeting last week. We have one tomorrow.

sandro: Is there an agenda?

cwebber2: Not at the moment..
... If you want to discuss anything in the CG go ahead and add it

sandro: I can't make it

ajordan: Historically the agenda for this is JIT compiled

eprodrom: is that all we need for the CG?

Mailing list

ajordan: I noticed that in all of our specs in the SotD it says send comments to the mailing list but that isn't really where we do things so I'm worried that if someone sends feedback to that address it won't get seen
... Seems that we should find out if we can change that technically/politically, and if so how. And if we can't then there's nothing to do.

sandro: What would you change it to?

ajordan: Github issues probably

sandro: We do mention github there right? We say both?

cwebber2: I think it's auto generated by respec


sandro: you can do a PR on respec
... We can always edit it by hand
... I wouldn't want to take out the mailing list comlpetely
... We might as well do our comments through facebook
... A silo is still a silo
... THe fact is, almost all of us are on the mailing list, even if many don't pay attention to it

ajordan: I'll see if we can get Respec to add it

rhiaro: THe github minutes are all linked at the top

sandro: My theroy is nobody reads the sotd
... It should say where we want the comments to go

eprodrom: No actual changes?
... Leaving things as they are with the boilerplate.


eprodrom: Please do not feel you have to fill up the next 35 minutes

<ajordan> cwebber2++

<Loqi> cwebber2 has 96 karma

eprodrom: okay, finished early! Enjoy your time
... No meeting next week. Next one is scheduled for the 15th
... If there are no objections I'll leave the duration as 90 minutes
... Thanks everyone