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socialwg Teleconf 2016-06-21

Tuesdays at 10am US/Pacific, 1pm US/Eastern time for 60 minutes

WebEx phone number: +1-617-324-0000 There is a meeting number: 642 112 960

Sometimes you need the webex password Click on that link to see it. Or email if that link doesn't work for you.


If you're new, please get on IRC 15 minutes ahead of time and try to dial into WebEx to see if you have any issues.

Previous Meeting



  • Chair: Arnaud
    • Backup: Evan
  • Regrets: Tantek
    • ...


Chair to start the meeting by typing on irc:

trackbot, start meeting

Trackbot should already be on the channel but if for some reason it is not call it with the following command:

/invite trackbot

Zakim won't know what meeting it is. Just ignore it. Pick a scribe from the list or ask Zakim to pick one up with the following command:

Zakim, pick a victim

Unfortunately Zakim has no idea who's scribed before so you may have to ask several times before getting an acceptable answer...

Then type:

scribe: xxx

Also, with WebEx, Zakim doesn't know who is on the call so, as people join they should record their attendance with the command: present+ <nickname>

For additional info, see the Zakim documentation page.



  • Participation is limited to members

Approval of Minutes of 2016-06-06 and 07

  • 2016-06-06-minutes
  • 2016-06-07-minutes
    • -1 Tantek Çelik (talk) 16:44, 14 June 2016 (UTC) Appears to be missing RESOLUTION to publish Micropub CR which I'm fairly certain we did nearly first thing that morning, and there's lots of secondary evidence about that too (e.g. sandro saying should do Micropub CR transition in same telcon as AS2 CR transition, starting of Socialwg/Micropub_CR).

Discussion Items

Publication status (publications we already resolved to publish)

  • AS2 CR - what's blocking - Evan
  • JF2 FPWD - Editor's Draft (Issues) - Ben Roberts
  • Post Type Discovery FPWD - Editor's Draft (Issues) - Tantek
  • Webmention WD and implmentation report update - Aaron
  • Micropub WD update - Aaron
  • ... add more discussion items here

Tracking Document Status

Explicit check for updates on all our documents - if not covered by individual Discussion Items above.

Tracking of Actions and Issues

Next Meeting


Chair to close the meeting with the following command:

trackbot, end meeting

If you forget, trackbot will close the meeting for you when the activity dies down.

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