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The role of the Social IG Architecture TF is to deliver a Social Architecture Report.


  • Social Architecture Report

As defined in the Social Interest Group charter - "This document takes a broad look at all the social technologies and specifications under development, including summarizing their contribution and tracking their adoption. The document will then demonstrate how a subset of these can be used as a unified architecture. An overview report has been produced by the Social Web XG in 2010.

The production of any Interest Group deliverables depends upon the resources available, and will change as new information, adoption, and implementation experience is reported to the group. As the deliverables are in general non-normative, they can be changed and maintained throughout the lifetime of the Interest Group to reflect the current landscape of social technologies. The group should work with other groups of experts to make sure issues of security, privacy, accessibility, and data protection are taken into consideration.


Chair: Mark Crawford


Participation is limited to members in good standing of the Social Interest Group

Working Document


Reference Material

Social Headlights Presentation to AC

Discussion Topics

1. How should we organize our work

2. Volunteer for Editor

3. Next Steps