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Chair: Mark Crawford
Scribe: First available from Scribes list 


To start the meeting type on irc: trackbot, start meeting

Trackbot should already be on the channel but if for some reason it is not call it with the following command: /invite trackbot

Pick a scribe from the list or ask Zakim to pick one up with the following command: Zakim, pick a victim

Unfortunately Zakim has no idea who's scribed before so you may have to ask several times before getting an acceptable answer...

Then type: scribe: xxx

For additional info, see the Zakim documentation page.



Participation is limited to members

New Member Introductions

Approval of Minutes of 22 October 2014 Teleconf

Next Teleconference 2014-11-26

Task Force Reports/Discussion

Use Cases

  • Volunteer for Lead Editor
  • Type Chart Status
  • Next steps for Use Case generation/collection
  • Tracking existing implementations


Issue raised in WG regarding liaisons with others internal to W3C as well as external. Liaisons responsibility of the IG, however the lead is also the sole editor of the specs in the WG. How can we assist James in reaching out to others, identifying where potential overlaps may exist, and establishing relationships to address them?


Ongoing discussion in WG around vocabularies. IG has responsibility to catalog existing vocabularies. Do we have availability of volunteers to assist the WG on this topic?

  • Documenting existing experiences, eg. SIOC/FOAF @Boing or FOAF @StatusNet etc.

Any other business

all: any other new business? 


Close the meeting with the following command: trackbot, end meeting

If you forget, trackbot will close the meeting for you when the activity dies down.


Will be at:

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