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eprodrom:  Hi all
eprodrom:  SocialCG meeting in 5 mins
– Topic set by eprodrom to: SocialCG December Meeting
fun360:  Hi! :)
fun360:  I've been invited here by Christopher Lemmer Webber
eprodrom:  Great!
eprodrom:  Are you on Mumble?
fun360:  I just advise that in 30 minutes I have to go, so I hope to get the chance to make my proposal before leaving :)
fun360:  nope
fun360:  I open it
eprodrom:  OK
eprodrom:  Well, we've got a pretty brief agenda
fun360:  I'm there but I don't see anybody
eprodrom:  Yes I'm just about to arrive
eprodrom:  Or not
fun360:  XD
eprodrom:  I'm going to have to participate via IRC, my mumble setup is working badly
eprodrom:  trackbot, start meeting
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eprodrom_:  trackbot, start meeting
trackbot:  Sorry, but no Tracker is associated with this channel.
eprodrom_:  Grrr
eprodrom_:  OK, I'll just do minutes by hand
eprodrom_:  trackbot, status
trackbot:  Sorry, but no Tracker is associated with this channel.
fun360:  sounds like everything is working perfectly today :)
eprodrom:  Indeed
eprodrom:  Well, I'm filling in as chair
eprodrom:  I'll just copy-and-paste the meeting notes
eprodrom:  Let's just do it on IRC
fun360:  ok
– eprodrom_ has disconnected ("Page closed")
eprodrom:  TOPIC: discourse on
eprodrom:  Do you want to give an overview of the idea?
fun360:  sure
eprodrom:  fun360, can you give an overview?
eprodrom:  Still there?
fun360:  I'm collaborating with several projects and is missing a central place where people can find each other for several reasons
eprodrom:  So, a lot of people who are working on AP?
fun360:  since AP is about creating communities, first I think is needed the human side about community
Cult:  nightpool[m]: sorry, got pulled somewhere else in my code. I'll have a look to your link !
eprodrom:  fun360: technically, this community group is supposed to be that place
eprodrom:  We have a group that's managed by the W3C
eprodrom: <-- here
fun360:  many projects don't even know about AP, and when I talk about it they ask me technical help, which I cannot provide right now
eprodrom:  We've got mailing lists, this IRC channel, Github, and wiki
fun360:  yep but we have to face the reality that people need more easier tools for sync together: right now they use
rialtate[m]:  Since discourse doesn't support activitypub I think it's an incredibly bad idea. However, already exists for that purpose.
fun360:  I didn't know about
eprodrom:  Oh great
eprodrom:  This is the first time I've heard of it
fun360:  me too
fun360:  for me is not about Discourse itself
eprodrom:  It's about having a forum people can use
fun360:  but something you, as AP team, promote as "meeting point"
eprodrom:  Different people like different kinds of interfaces
fun360:  yes
fun360:  a generic place, not Mastodon or some other platform related
eprodrom:  RRSAgent, make logs public
rialtate[m]:  I think it's much better if the forum is AP powered so people who already have AP can participate and also so it can be federated and not siloed
fun360:  if is generic is perfect, just nobody knows about it XD not even me that I've been looking for it :P
eprodrom:  I agree, rialtate[m]
fun360:  AP powered forum would be even more amazing :)
eprodrom:  Yes, but afaik it doesn't exist yet
eprodrom:  It's a great idea for a project though
fun360:  that's why I proposed Discourse, it's ready and opensource, nothing stop anybody to add AP
fun360:  actually can be the first topic :P
eprodrom:  Can we do this? Let's add a link to on the SocialCG wiki
eprodrom:  See if that helps
fun360:  who manages
eprodrom:  I don't know
eprodrom:  Can you follow up there?
eprodrom:  We're closing in on 30 minutes so I think we should wrap up
fun360:  I can investigate a bit, but now I've to go, can you give me your contact so we can continue this speech later?
eprodrom:  I think working through the CG is the right way to get things done
fun360:  ok
fun360:  anyway for me linking in the AP homepage is a good solution
fun360:  :)
eprodrom:  Great, I'll add an issue on Github
eprodrom:  With that, let's adjourn the meeting
fun360:  :D
fun360:  thanks for everything!
eprodrom:  Sure
fun360:  hope more and more projects will join AP ;) I'm with you!
eprodrom:  Great thanks!