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RDF-Based Integration of SenseLab/BrainPharm and SWAN/Alzforum

This use case demonstrates how to use Oracle/RDF to integrate RDF datasets (obtained from SenseLab and SWAN) representing drugs and publications related to the Alzheimer's Disease. This work involves collaboration among SenseLab, SWAN, Alzforum and Oracle. A manuscript is currently being prepared in submission to SeS2006 (International Workshop on Semantic e-Science). The pilot system involves the following components:

  1. Export a subset of BrainPharm (Chemicals) to EDSP/XML format.
  2. Convert the EDSP/XML format into RDF format using XSLT
  3. Load the converted dataset into Oracle/RDF
  4. Load the SWAN RDF dataset into Oracle/RDF
  5. Issue RDF queries against the datasets separately as well as in an integrated fashion

A motivating example

Retrieve from BrainPharm information about the drug Donepezil and Alzforum-annotated publications corresponding to Donepezil from SWAN