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OWL-based mapping between NeuronDB and CoCoDat

We have converted a small portion of "NeuronDB" (a subdatabase of "SenseLab" in Oracle) into OWL format using D2RQ. We have done the same thing for 'CoCoDat' (Microsoft Access database) ( On a pilot basis, we have demonstrated how to use OWL to facilitate neuroscience database integration by issuing cross-database queries between NeuronDB and CoCoDat. The query is written using nRQL executed by Racer. The system involves the following general steps:

1. Converting each relational database into OWL using D2RQ

2. Using OWL constructs to define correspondences between the OWL ontologies (NeuronDB and CoCoDat)

3. Constructing cross-database queries using nRQL and Racer

We will continue to explore this line of work in our current SenseLab task (within the BioRDF group) using Oracle/RDF.

To access the demo as well as the associated OWL ontologies, please visit the following URL:

The demo website also contains the D2RQ code for converting the relational database structure into the corresponding OWL structure.

This work was presented at the Ontology Working Group Session of the 2006 Human Brain Project Meeting that was held in Washington DC on April 24-25, 2006. The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded at the folloing URL:

A manuscript describing this work was submitted to AMIA 2006 (