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This page is for discussion and development of the RDF/OWL Ontology for vCard.

The latest IETF vCard V.4 is documented in RFC6350

The lasted W3C IG NOTE vCard Ontology is

Discussion is undertaken on the SWIG email list.

Errata and Feedback on IG NOTE (updates TBC)

Support for free text field in Gender
Support xsd:date for bday and anniversary 
Support free text for bday and anniversary
Issue: xsd:gYear is not OWL2-DL (as used in bday and anni) - use xsd:integer ?

vCard Ontology Implementations

Add implementations/tools/services here of the vCard Ontology

Feedback/Updates (addressed in May 2014 Note release)

In the examples of RDFa, Turtle and JSON-LD in section 3, vcard:hasValue has a literal value which should be a URI (as an ObjectProperty)\
Update JSON text and link to json file to serve 
Add  lang (en) to all labels and comments also add a rdfs:definedBy pointing the ontology itself to every concept 
Remove the deprecated statements, add comment that they have consistently named equivalents, along with equivalentProperty/equivalentClass axioms (only deprecate Agent, Class, long, lat, mailer) 
Add gYear to range for birthdate and anniversary 

Feedback/Updates (addressed in Sept 2013 WD)

Include JSON Example [1]
If we keep the same URI namespace, add equivalent properties/classes (where it makes sense) [2]
Add Appendix with a mapping to old terms (and a rationale) and deprecated terms
Add a "+" before the country code in the telephone examples
Change datatype for telephone to union of xsd:string and xsd:anyURI so both can appear (Michael Angstadt, ietf)
Add more description for the purpose of the relational (v direct) properties. See [3]
Remove the Domains from all the direct properties
Remove the dp: op: class: prefixes from the Tables
Section discussing the relationship between this and existing vocabularies such as foaf and ORG.
Fix up all labels...especially "has"
Add descriptive text to the Examples explaining why we used the relations/direct approach [4]
Remove mailto: from the Examples
Fix Location class - geo and/or address properties
Fix OrganizationName label [5]
Explicit link to RDFS/OWL version (as Turtle and RDF/XML) - independent of namespace issue.