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links relating to "no bnodes" and other things that aim at "making the semantic web easy to use for lazy web 2.0 developers".

We think that (add your name or your itch to scratch):

  • Bnodes are bad - IanDavis, LeoSauermann
  • containers/list/bag/seq suck - LeoSauermann
    • no typing in rdfs:ranges of the contents of the container
    • XML serialization is crap
  • rdfs:domain is a show-stopper. People first think that "X rdfs:domain A,B." means that X can have A or B as a domain, and then learn that any instance being annotated with X has then both types A,B.
  • one JAVA API to rule them all. Like W3C's DOM API for XML, we definitly need standard interfaces for Java RDF Apis (Model, ModelSet, statement, resource, node, literal, bnode, queries, serialization, etc).
  • Everybody asks about Security - who can access what? After every talk I have given, this is the one question that always appears. We should add a authorization vocab to our core assets next to RDF and RDFS - LeoSauermann
  • make Fresnel better so that it is as usable as XSLT and deploy it all over the place

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