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Meetings and Gatherings

The 6th International Semantic Web Conference, 2007 (face to face)

Location: Busan, Korea Conference Dates: November 11 (Sunday) - 15 (Thursday), 2007

Mentioned on the public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org mailing list for ISWC2007

Time and Place

Looks like we will be meeting on Sunday the 11th - 7pm at the Riviera.


  • DavidPeterson - Staying at the Seacloud. In Busan from 9-16 of November.
  • IvanHerman - Staying at the Riviera. In Busan from 11-16 November.
  • MichaelHausenblas - Staying at the Seacloud. In Busan from 10-14 November.

Possible Agendas

  • Begin looking more into HTML 4/5
  • Easier integration with microformats
  •  ???