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This document includes information about the Pointer Events WG's testing effort.

Test Repository

The root of the group's test suite is pointerevents on GitHub (part of the W3C's web-platform-tests web-platform-tests testing effort.

The tests can be run directly in a user agent via the pointerevents HTTP mirror. Note that most tests require manual input.

Test Harness

The group uses testharness.js for all of its tests. See WebApps' Test Harness wiki for some additional information.

Test Submission and Contribution

The test submission process is the same one used by W3C groups that use GitHub's web-platform-tests repository. For a short explanation of that process, see the WebApps WG's Test Submission process.

Please note: after a Pull Request is made for a new test, please send a related e-mail to the public-pointer-events@w3.org mail list.

Non-group members should consult the Test the Web Forward's Test Submission Guidelines document which describes how to contribute tests.

Test Review and Approval

The general workflow for test reviews and approval follows the GitHub contribution model. More specifically, this group follows the Test Review and Approval Workflow used by the WebApps WG.

Testing Roles

Although every member of the group is expected to contribute to the testing effort, Matt Brubeck is the group's Test Facilitator (see WebApps' Testing Roles document for a description of various testing roles).

How to Submit a Test Case Bug

A bug report for a test case can be reported via any of the following:

  • An e-mail to the public-pointer-events@w3.org mail list
  • Make a Pull Request (to the pointerevents repository described above) with a patch to fix the bug

Additional Resources