Payments Task Force Developer Questionnaire Preparation

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This is page is intended for collecting ideas for gathering input from Web developers as to their needs in respect to Web Payments and the potential for on a payment solution neutral API. The basic aims are:

  • To gather input on use cases and requirements for web payments, and how these depend on the application area
    • For remote payments in the case for services provided by a conventional web site
    • For proximity and person to person payments for a new breed of installed apps
    • For device and cloud based wallets with support for multiple payment solutions
    • For small payments of the order of a few cents that provide a viable alternative to ads for monetising servcices
    • and so forth...
  • To get a feel for the level of demand for an open standards based API for web payments
  • To demonstrate transparency at an early stage in the standards process

What's the best way to reach out to developer communities in different parts of the World? Likewise, what is the best way to invite people in the developer community to volunteer to help with the organization of the exercise, so that it is developer to developer?