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Idea for meeting name badges

Since different cultures have different naming conventions, would it be helpful to implement a new format for our badges at AC meetings and TPAC?

  1. Example: in Japanese culture, many colleagues refer to each other by their family name. (If Ann Bassetti was Japanese, she might commonly be referred to as "Bassetti" or "Bassetti-san", not "Ann".)
  2. Example: If Ann Bassetti were Spanish, her name might be Ann Bassetti Santos, but in daily life she would use only "Ann Bassetti"
  3. Further, there are many formats for how names are sequenced. See Richard Ishida's fascinating paper on the myriad formats of international name formats.

Suggestion: format name badges in this way:





  • The top name would be whatever the person wants to be called, when chatting with people. It would be big, for visibility. (In these examples, Ann and Igarashi have each stated these are the names they prefer to be called, in conversation.)
  • The second line would be the person's full name, in any order that is appropriate. The family name (also known as the "last" name to Americans, Canadians, Australians and most Europeans) would be distinguished by CAPITAL letters. (In these examples, BASSETTI and IGARASHI are the family names.)