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Are there any OWL talks or tutorials?

 tells you what you need to know, though, as the title suggests, it's organized more as a reference
 than a tutorial.
  • xFront is a collection of presentation materials from Roger Costello of Mitre;
 it includes an OWL tutorial. 
 Who's got permission to access these resources?
    from 'OWL is a set of XML elements and attributes' but was otherwise OK.

see also SemanticWebFaq for SemanticWeb tutorials, talks, and articles, plus Resource Description Framework Tutorials and Examples from Dave Beckett's Resource Description Framework (RDF) Resource Guide.

In a less tutorial mode, OwlAndRdf discusses the relationship between OWL and RDF, and the different profiles of OWL (Full/DL/Lite).

hmm... PPR:ListMode...