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What is it?

The OpenLink Data Explorer, or ODE, (formerly known as the OpenLink RDF Browser) is an RDF Data Browser implemented by OpenLink Software using the open source OpenLink AJAX & AJAR Toolkit (OAT). ODE provides a Web browser driven interface for interacting with RDF-based Linked Data via a combination of (X)HTML, AJAR, and Hyperdata links.

ODE is available as a Firefox extension, or for use in hosted application form (e.g., in a Virtuoso instance, as demonstrated by this Live Demonstration Instance).

In either form, explorable RDF Linked Data is dynamically generated or extracted from a broad range of data sources (by techniques including but not limited to eRDF, RDFa, GRDDL, and "link alternate"), through a user-configurable external RDFizing proxy, such as the (default) Virtuoso Sponger.

Additional Information