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Graphics Module semantics are used in the sample SVG and a zip containing an HTML page that can exposes the SVG to assistive technology (today). The HTML page uses a script to make a (visible) shadow DOM. That AT can read. The purpose is to provide AT users a way to experience marked up SVG. There are some shortcuts in that descriptions that are intended to be optionally heard are appended as part of the label. Graphics Module related aria- properties are also pasted in, with no opt'ing out.

Using the HTML page

double click on svght/ht/sdvg.html or set it up with your web server
use the file selector to load an chart from the unzipped
you can switch SVG files with the combo

Links zip containing HTML file and supporting JavaScript SVG charts marked up with Graphics Module syntax (can be used with the HTML file)

Hiding the shadow DOM

If you find the visible shadow DOM annoying, you can move it offscreen by uncommenting two lines. In Atsvg/svgtools/svgShadowDom.js uncomment lines 318 and 319. Look for the comment

// TODO -- to move the shadow DOM off screen, uncomment out the next two lines


Please provide feedback to Fred Esch feschATusDOTibmDOTcom