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Testing Basic Internationalization

This is a test to see how well this Wiki deals with non-ASCII characters: Some German: Übersetzung, some Japanese: 翻訳 some arabic السلام

One the other hand trying to add the character ő was a pain - then it doesn't always round trip (it did sometimes :(. On the other hand I cannot get it to work in the word Bevezető on the page SemWebMagyar (maybe because it is in a link??) -- Chaals

Seems to be okay for posting, but on reediting, I get numeric character references (NCR) for Japanese, which makes it impossible to edit actual Japanese (even more so because they are decimal).

Fortunately, the numeric character references get backconverted. But then, can I add an example of an NCR in test? Example NCR: 噸. We should try to change the editing page (or even better, everything) to UTF-8.

Puting in an NCR with 噸 didn't work. Let's try some more variants: hex: 噸, decimal: 噸

Using a decimal '&', i.e. & seems to be the only thing that works. Pretty lame and inconvenient.

But at least there is safe roundtripping.
& or `&` (after all, it's `code`)

German special characters: ? ? ? ? The HTML entity equivalents: Ää Öö Üü ß

Okay, so you can't enter entities...