MBUI Telecon 2013 July 19

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  • Fabio Paterno


  • Vivan Motti
  • Jaroslav Pullmann
  • Nikolas Kaklanis
  • Paolo Bottoni
  • Cristina Cachon

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  • Dave Raggett
  • Heiko Braun
  • Joelle Coutaz
  • Gaelle Calvary
  • Jean Vanderdonckt


  • Vivian Motti


- Taks - AUI - Glossary - Use Case



Here are short minutes of today's call:

  • The summer break will last 3 weeks (it will start after the next call)
  • We discussed some updates for the task model document.
  • We decided to keep the descriptions of the glossary and AUI simple and more accessible for third-parties
  • We will provide updated pictures for: the UICommons, AUI, and task tree.
  • Concerning the AUI discussion: to do changes in the specification of the template concept (refer to the UICommons)
  • We will synchronize the terminology and structure according to the last changes of the task trees.
  • We discussed how to represent the AUI: graphical? xml-based? icons?
  • The pending tasks are:
    • @CNR: if possible, provide more detailed descriptions about the semantics and usage of the terms, e.g. iterative task type. Semantics and usage of the operators, and modeling patterns (e.g. distinction when to cluster or dissolve a task)
    • @UCL: synchronize: domain model with new task tree, update AUI to include external packages for the template (resource, event and behavior), update the file at: https://mbui-diagrams.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/