MBUI Telecon 2013 January 24

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  • Dave Raggett


  • Dave Raggett
  • Heiko Braun
  • Klaus/Johannes/Thomas
  • Joelle Coutaz
  • Davide Spano
  • Carmen Santoro
  • Jaroslav Pullmann
  • Javier Rodríguez
  • Cristina González
  • Ignacio Marín
  • Paolo Bottoni
  • Nikolas Kaklanis
  • Vivian Motti
  • Pascal Beaujeant

add yourself if your name is missing and you were on the call


  • Gerrit Meixner
  • Fabio Paternò
  • Jean Vanderdonckt


  • Dave Raggett


see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-mbui/2013Jan/0006.html


AUI meta-model

Dave asks if we have any status updates.

Paolo: I sent the updates to the UCL.

Vivian: Jean is unavailable today, but we haven't had time to apply the updates.

Paolo: Perhaps Vivian, myself and Heiko could have a chat on IRC to reach a consolidated diagram?

Vivian: yes, that is a good idea.

Paolo: let's aim for Monday or Tuesday next week and we can arrange the details via email.

Heiko: that's okay for me too.

Pascal: could we arrange the time slot via doodle so that we can get Jean involved. I will send the URL for the poll.

Paolo: perfect.

Introductory Document

Joelle: I will take over editorship next week.

There was the issue of many versus one example in the document, what was the decision?

Carmen: last week we agreed to use one use case.

Joelle: UCL has updated the car rental use case which now looks good.

Carmen: we should focus on the car rental example.

Jaroslav: the aim was to use the same example for the different levels of abstraction.

Joelle: is the document as it is okay, or do we need to break it down and stick to one example (UCL car rental) or do we stick with multiple examples.

Jaroslav: my understanding is that we will use the same use case.

Joelle and Paolo agreed that the other use cases would be moved to a separate document.

Carmen: we should go through the table, either merging the examples or selecting an existing one. We could put the other examples in an appendix document.

Joelle: okay

Carmen: I put a comment as there is an error in the table for the numbering.

Joelle: how should we do the selection?

Carmen: I will make a proposal via email on Tuesday afternoon, and need a quick response as I only have Wednesday morning to make the updates, everyone agree?

We voice our agreement.

Jaroslav: will we use different examples for different levels of the Cameleon reference framework?

Joelle: okay I will will propose the values for the table in the document Tuesday and start editing it on Wednesday morning.

Dave thanks Joelle.

Dave: any other things to discuss today?

Jaroslav will meet with Gerrit tomorrow. Does it make sense to introduce links into the Google doc from the introductory note to the glossary? They could be easily converted.

Dave: yes we can do that, my aim is to move swiftly to publication.

Next week several of us will be at a Serenoa meeting, so does it make sense to cancel next week's MBUI teleconference?

general agreement.

Our next telecon will be 7 February 2013.

end of meeting.