MBUI Telecon 2013 January 10

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  • Gerrit Meixner
  • Dave Raggett
  • Heiko Braun
  • Joelle Coutaz
  • Davide Spano
  • Carmen Santoro
  • Marc?
  • Jaroslav Pullmann
  • Nikolas Kaklanis
  • Fabio Paternò
  • Paolo Bottoni
  • Gaelle Calvary

add yourself if your name is missing and you were on the call


No one for today.


  • Dave Raggett


see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-mbui/2013Jan/0006.html


Gerrit starts will welcoming everyone.

Current status of the Introductory document

Gerrit has made some changes and asks if we should go through this now or wait a week.

Joelle: I will do this on Jan 29.

Gerrit: we have approximately two weeks to finalize the text, is that okay with everyone?

Current status of the Abstract UI document

Gerrit asks Heiko to review his comments (email discussion with Paolo)

Heiko: some of Paolo's input seems to have been lost in recent revisions. This is about support classes that have been introduced and producer/consumer concepts, and relationships between ???.

Need to add Paolo's input into the behavioural meta-model diagram. Asks about best way to work with the diagrams.

Paolo agrees.

Gerrit: anyone from UCL on the call today? [No]

Paolo will ask for help via email from UCL to integrate the changes into the document.

Gerrit: we will ask UCL to provide source file for the diagrams.


???: asks for any news on collecting info on companies interested in model-based UI design.

Dave: I've sent a few emails, and am looking for help from other members of the working group. We are looking for companies that are interested in MBUI techniques and who would be willing to review our specs and potentially to join the WG.

Joelle: maybe you could start from the current industry partners in relevant EU projects.

Dave: I did indeed contact the industrial partners in Serenoa. Unfortunately, SAP is taking its time to decide whether to participate in the standards work. Boeing participated in a discussion we held at W3C meeting in Lyon prior to launching the MBUI WG, but my contact there seems to have left the company.

Joelle: we should contact Thalles in Paris, perhaps Jean Vanderdonckt could help?

Joelle will write to her contacts. Dave to send some ideas for things Joelle could cover.

Gerrit: I asked some colleagues in automotive companies, but they are too busy to join the WG

Dave: perhaps we can ask them to comment on the Introductory Note?

Gerrit: I will try when the document is stable.

Joelle: I am not 100% sure of what I need to do on the Intro doc. Asks Gerrit what he is doing.

Gerrit: I made some changes and added some remarks. Looking for MBUI WG review in the next two weeks.

Joelle: reading the document afresh, I think there are too many examples, and that the document is long winded at the start and needs changing to get readers' interest quickly without risking tiring them out.

Joelle asks if Gerrit could take a look at shortening the document, and thinking about fresh readers.

Is UCL responsible for the car rental example, we could make that into a running example.

Gerrit: yes, we can proceed in this way.

Joelle: my regrets for next week's call.