MBUI Telecon 2013 February 7

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  • Fabio Paternò


  • Dave Raggett
  • Paolo Bottoni
  • Davide Spano
  • Javier Rodríguez
  • Cristina González
  • Fabio Paternò
  • Carmen Santoro
  • Vivian Motti
  • Pascal Beaujeant
  • Heiko Braun

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  • Gerrit Meixner
  • Jaroslav Pullmann
  • Joelle Coutaz
  • Gaelle Calvary
  • Jean Vanderdonckt


  • Dave Raggett


  • Progress on AUI meta model
  • Progress on Introduction
  • Next face to face meeting


MBUI Introduction

How are we doing with the work on cleaning up the examples?

Fabio: in general the document has improved with Joelle's work. I was wondering if the document is appropriate for our target audience? Readers may want to learn about available tools they can download and try out. What do you think?

Dave: I think it makes sense.

Fabio: hands on experience is really useful for people learning about MBUI. It would be helpful to include links that people could follow to obtain tools.

Paolo: what length do you anticipate for this new section?

Fabio: just a couple of pages or so. We can indicate which parts of the Cameleon framework each tool supports.

Dave: we should include system requirements for running the tools so that people can know if they can install them.

Fabio: yes, indeed.

Vivian: we think this would be valuable addition to the document.

Paolo: I think it is a good idea, but we should make it clear that these tools don't yet implement the W3C meta-models, but show an indication of how model-based UI works in practice.

Pascal: In the future, we could update the document to link to tools that do support the standard.

Dave: that leaves us with the question of who will volunteer to contribute to the section, and what deadline to set for this.

Fabio: should I send an email to the list on this?

Dave: yes, that would be best.

Action: Fabio to email the list asking for volunteers to contribute to the section on MBUI tools.

Next face to face meeting

Dave: It is time to make plans for our next face to face, and I am looking for volunteers to host the meeting. My suggestion would be to schedule a two day meeting in the second half of April, or the second or last week in May, but am looking for your input on dates. I am hoping that we can transition the abstract user interfaces specification to First Public Working Draft and publication of the associated Notes before the next face to face, and use our time at the meeting to discuss next steps, including outreach to industry, and to develop plans for interoperability testing as part of a Candidate Recommendation. It may also be worth considering a demo session for a hands on look at current model-based user interface design tools.

Vivian: I will ask Jean who is unavailable today. UCL should be able to host.

Action: Dave to create a poll for the dates for the next face to face.

Fabio: what about co-locating with EICS 2013 in London?

Dave: wouldn't that mean people staying for more than one week?

Fabio: I was thinking about having the W3C meeting in parallel with the conference.

Dave: we should take the discussion of the location to the mailing list.

Paolo: ETAPS 2013 is another possibility, but apparently no one else will attend from this group.

AUI meta-model

  • What changes have been made recently?
  • How far away are from transition to First Public Working Draft?
  • Plans for industry reviews

Vivian: we've updated the diagram with input from Paulo and Heiko. We now need to update the rest of the document to match.

Paolo summarises the changes and the reasons for them.

Fabio: looking at the document, the diagram is okay (Figure 1).

Paolo: of course the rest of the document needs to be updated to match. The yellow and the blue refer to who provided what parts.

Does it make sense to indicate which parts are part of the AUI and which parts are external?

Vivian: I like that idea.

Dave: looking for ideas for companies to review the introductory Note, and the FPWDs for the AUI and Task metamodels. This would also help us with broadening participation in the MBUI WG.

Fabio mentions someone from Thalis (scribe didn't catch the name)

Vivian: we can contact him and ask if he would be willing to help.

Heiko: I can ask some of my colleagues

Fabio: how about someone from the Indie UI WG?

Dave: yes, that's a good idea.

My aim is to publish the documents and be in a position to discuss the review comments in our next face to face as a basis for planning next steps for the MBUI WG.

General agreement.

Dave can we get the AUI and Intro doc's ready for publication by end Feb or mid-March?

Vivian: sounds reasonable.

end of meeting.