MBUI Telecon 2012 May 31

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Chaired and scribed by Gerrit

invited expert status (Sebastian, Gaelle, Joelle, ...)

  • Sebastian filled in the form to become an invited expert.
  • What about Joelle, Gaelle and Paolo?

upcoming face to face in Pisa

  • Fabio will arrange a possibility for a skype conference in Pisa. People

who can't attend can participate in the conversion in Pisa.

progress on working group note

  • Jaroslav gave an update on the glossary; he needs help which definitions

should be integrated in the group note. Furthermore some definitions should be rephrased in order to be understandable by industrial partners.

  • Gerrit will make an update on the rest of the document until next week
  • Definitions provided in Use Case 6 should be integrated in the glossary

(Sebastian, Jaroslav)

progress on task modelling language

  • we discussed some comments in the proposal (is a Suspend&Resume temporal

operator necessary? Do we need a user task in the generation process on an UI?)

  • Fabio will make an update integrating the comments until next week
  • The task specification should then be ready for a first publication

progress on abstract user interface modelling language

  • UCL could not participate
  • @UCL: Please give the working group an update (also some rough stuff is

possible) until next week. The work can then be incrementally refined by the WG (as we did it for the task model speicification)