MBUI Telecon 2012 May 3

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  • Current status of the working group note (Use Cases should be finalized
    • Benefits, when to use MBUID, tutorial (Dave)
    • Current state of the glossary (Jaroslav)


  • Current status in the two task forces (Task model, Abstract UI)
  • Meeting at W3C Tech plenary (Dave)
  • Dave to provide information on becoming an Invited Expert on the wiki and to the mailing list.
  • Conversion of the google documents into the W3C technical report format


  • Present: Dave, Fabio, Joelle, Gaelle, Sebastian, Javier, Nikos

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Gerrit due to clashing meetings.


  • Dave


  • Dave


Jaroslav: I have to go early, so can I give my report first?

Dave: sure.


Jaroslav: working on the glossary, starting with the glossary from the cameleon project. Sometimes that is a bit limited, as we could provide more generic definitions.

Joelle: I cannot see the URL for the glossary document.

Jaroslav: I put it into a new document, linked from the terminology section of the working group note.

Dave: why a separate document rather than in the note?

Jaroslav: because I wanted to create a working copy

Dave: this is an editors' draft so it is very much work in progress, you should consider merging it back into the draft working group note.

Jaroslav: I would prefer to keep it a separate document for now if that is okay.

Joelle: we were wondering how to do the editing and would like to contribute.

Fabio: for each of documents, we have a main editor.

Joelle: so we can just start editing, right?

Fabio: we have the three documents and plan to publish something in a fairly short time

Dave: You can add content to the documents, but please coordinate with the main editors. You can add comments/questions in each document, but please prefix this with your name and use italics and/or a different colour to differentiate from the main text.

Task Models

Dave asks for an update for the task models document

Fabio: we have put some material into the document, but have a question about how the document is written. The SCXML specification is written with a different approach, should we aim for something closer to that? They don't give a meta model, and instead focus on the XML format.

Dave: in our case the meta model is central, and the XML serialization is secondary. However, I think we will need to provide a textual equivalent of the UML diagrams to ensure that our specification is accessible to people who can't see the diagram.

Dave: the WG Note will explain the concepts and provide use cases and examples, so we can be relatively concise in the AUI and Task Models specifications, which will just need to provide brief explanations of the terms, the definition of the meta model, and an XML schema as a possible serialization format.

Dave how long you think you need to complete the document?

Fabio: about a couple of weeks (next week is the Chi conference)

Joelle: how can we deal with comments?

Fabio: put them into the document and we can discuss them via email or the teleconference.

Joelle asks about the scope of the document

Fabio: this is aimed at a standard and hence we are taking a pragmatic approach. We don't need to compare the meta model with other approaches as you would in an academic paper.

Abstract User Interface Models

Javier: I have made some contributions in red and am waiting for comments.

Dave: the primary editors aren't present on this call, unfortunately, I will email them for a progress report.

Dave: can we help with Javier's comments/questions today?

Javier: we need to take into account the mapping between the AUI and CUI, this needs to be unambiguous.

Joelle: I don't think this is something we should take as a requirement.

Javier: when we have an AUI model, we need to be able to map it to the CUI for the target platforms and modalities.

Joelle: maybe we need both forward and backward transformations?

Fabio: perhaps we could cover this in the working group note?

Dave: yes, and if appropriate we could create a Working Draft for formal requirements

Joelle: that could be worthwhile, and would allow us to check that the standards we are designing are fully general.

Dave: our AUI and Task Models aren't claimed to be fully general, but rather are designed to be fit for purpose for the range of use cases we describe in the working group note.

???: Agreed.

Next Call - May 11

Dave to follow up via email on:

  • Invited Expert process
  • Meeting at Tech Plenary
  • Reminder to send regrets if you can't attend a given telecon