MBUI Telecon 2012 March 29

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In today's call I would like to cover the work on the use cases, and what steps we need to take before we can request publication of the first public working drafts for the task models and abstract UI.


  • Dave, Javier, Cristina, Nikolas, Jaroslav, Sebastian, Davide, Carmen


  • Fabio, Jan, Gerrit


  • Dave


  • Davide


Actions from the previous call

We set a deadline for April the 15th for reviewing the use cases, inserting the role of MBUI languages. Some work is already in progress, but we need to give them a consistent structure.

Next steps for the document creation

We need to create three different documents:

  1. Task Working Draft
  2. AUI Working Draft
  3. A working Group Note.

For the creation of the Group Note, we need to insert the discussion of the benefits of the MBUI approaches, a discussion of their shortcomings. We need also to complete it with a revised version of the use cases, which has also to be referenced when we are writing the Working Drafts. In addition, we should also include a section with the terminology specification. Therefore, the Group Note will contain the following sections:

  • Benefits discussion
  • Shortcoming discussion
  • Use Cases
  • Terminology

It is possible to reuse some material created for the incubator group.

Regarding the Working Drafts, we can take as example the existing ones. We already agreed on using UML for the meta-model specifications, together with an XML serialization format either generated from the UML or written by hand. Moreover, we have to remind that we have to identify what can be tested in our specification.

The process for a W3C recommendation is the following:

  1. Create a first working draft
  2. Refine it through a certain number of versions
  3. Create a stable version
  4. Discuss it with other W3C groups
  5. Create a candidate recommendation
  6. Create test suits and different implementation reports for see if it is applicable
  7. Management review
  8. Create a formal recommendation

The first thing to do is figure out what we have to address from the submissions and then, once the document is ready, review it keeping such points in mind.

Collaboration tools

We will set up some Google docs for collaboratively create the Working Draft and the Group Note. If for some partners it is not possible to use such tool, we will use the wiki. Jean was also responsible for setting up a management tool for change request in the specification, but it is possible to proceed without it at the beginning. However, the document will be published in an HTML format.

Task forces and timing

Unfortunately, the two leaders cannot attend the telco. There is some work in progress in order to find some common points among the different submissions. The first idea was to have the drafts and the group note at the end of March, but this is not possible. Therefore, we postponed the deadline to April 27th, in order to discuss the first version at the following telco. The entire process for producing a formal recommendation in Autumn next year.


We keep the discussions in the mailing list in order to track them and to be available to all participants.

Next telco

April the 12th

New Actions

  • Jaroslav to contact Vivian or Jean for creating the structure of the benefits and shortcomings part in the Group Note.
  • Dave to set up a Google Doc for the Group Note and the Working Drafts.
  • Dave to send mails to the participants in order to find volunteers for editing and reviewing the documents.


April 27th, first version of the Working Drafts and Group Note, to be discussed at the following telco.