MBUI Telecon 2012 July 5

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Chaired by Marius and scribed by Dave


  • Dave Raggett, W3C
  • Marius Orfgen, DFKI
  • Carmen Santoro, ISTI
  • Davide Spano, ISTI
  • Cristina Cachon, CTIC
  • Sebastian Feuerstack, USC
  • Joelle Coutaz, LIG
  • Nikolas Kaklanis, ITI


  • Paolo Bottini, University of Rome
  • Jaroslav Pullman, Fraunhofer
  • Gerrit Meixner, DFKI
  • Gaelle Calvary, LIG

Planned Agenda

  1. Finalization of the task model document
  2. Open points and next steps concerning the AUI document
  3. Roadmap for publishing

Since Jaroslav will be absent today, we could reserve a bit more time next week for discussing how to finalize the glossary.


Joelle has to leave early so we ask for her input first

Joelle: I have added comments in red in the introductory document, where I added comments e.g. on the context of use, so that we can use this term later in the document. Please take a look. I've added figures, e.g. a new figure 1 that replaces the old one. This is should better reflect current practice.

Marius: next steps?

Joelle: Each use case needs to be described in terms of key features/characteristics. Not everyone has done that.

There is also some further work on cleaning up the terminology depending on what we decide to use.

In the subsection of global overview of the use cases, I have added a figure describing the problem space of UI adaptation.

I have used some material from a previous project.

Sebastian: a question on how we proceed on this document. Should we change the document directly or first on the mailing list?

Joelle: if it is minor, no problem, but for major changes please discuss them on the mailing list, and then we can see if we can come to a consensus.

Sebastian: if you change something in use case provided by someone else, it would be appropriate to let that person know about the changes you propose.

Joelle: I will review the use cases tomorrow.

Sebastian: I will try to read your use cases and provide feedback by Monday.

Task Model

Marius: I think we have a consensus on this document, so it is nearly ready for publication.

Carmen: we have introduced 2 classes for unary and n-ary operators, and updated figure 1. We have also started to reflect the changes in the prose. The document is pretty stable. We could move to an HTML version of the document.

Dave: Please let me know when you are ready for me to produce the HTML document. I have some software for producing clean HTML from the Google document.

Carmen: Okay, I will contact you about that next week.

Joelle asks a question about the two classes of operators, but says she is in agreement with the new text (added in the last day or so). She adds she is pleased so see something about the context of use.

Perhaps we should say domain object rather than object?

Carmen: okay

Joelle: I still have a problem with concurrency, perhaps interleaving would be clearer (vis a vis true parallelism)?

No objections from those on the call

Carmen: okay.

Dave: we should keep the Google doc as the living document for the spec, and treat the HTML

Abstract UI

UCL are the primary editors, but no one is on the call from UCL today.

Dave notes that we still have quite a bit of work to revise the AUI document based upon the work we did at the face to face. What's the best way for us to work on it?

Joelle: I will meet with Gaelle on July 16 and will work on the AUI then, but if others can work on it as well.

Dave: see the face to face minutes for the meta-model diagram and results of the Friday morning discussion on the AUI.

MBUI WG Roadmap

Marius: I would like to propose we maintain a roadmap to track our progress, especially for people who can't attend every teleconference. How does that sound?

general agreement

Dave: We are behind on the dates in the charter. From the face to face, we now believe that we can publish the Task Models specification in July, and the Abstract UI in late Summer, but I am not sure about others.

Joelle: could we publish the introduction document at the same time as task models?

Dave: how much time is needed to finish the introduction document?

Joelle explains why she thinks it would be good to publish the two documents at the same time.

Carmen: we will take a look at see what we think in time for the next call.

Joelle: I can't attend next week's call, but hopefully Gaelle can. Please send me comments either in the document itself, or via email.

We agree with this plan.

We will discuss the glossary document next week when Jaroslav is back

Any other business


Dave: My regrets for next week's call as I will be in the W3C Device APIs WG face to face meeting in the USA.

Dave thank's Marius for chairing