MBUI Telecon 2012 July 26

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Chaired by: Marius, scribed by Dave


  • Dave Raggett, W3C
  • Marius Orfgen, DFKI
  • Nikolas Kaklanis, ITI
  • Jaroslav Pullman, Fraunhofer
  • Sebastian Feuerstack, USC
  • Cristina Cachon, CTIC
  • Javier Rodriguez, CTIC
  • Ignacio Marin, CTIC
  • Vivian Motti, UCL
  • Francois Beuvens
  • Fabio Paterno, ISTI
  • Carmen Santoro, ISTI
  • Davide Spano, ISTI
  • Pascal Beaujeant, UCL


  • Gaelle Calvary, LIG
  • Joelle Coutaz, LIG
  • Gerrit Meixner, DFKI
  • Paolo Bottini, University of Rome

Planned Agenda

  1. Resolution on publishing FPWD for task models
  2. Progress on the AUI document
  3. Progress on Introduction and Glossary documents


Publication of the task model document

Proposed Resolution: to publish task models specification as a First Public Working Draft using task-models at its short name

We've already received some emails in favour from people who couldn't make today's call.

Any objections to the proposed resolution?

None given.

  • Resolved: to publish task models specification as a First Public Working Draft using task-models at its short name*

Jaroslav asks a question about operators. He wants to ensure that the glossary is in sync, see his email at:

For the next draft, he proposes introducing a subsection header on operators (beneath section 3 Meta-Model) and to provide illustratory examples of the CTT notation for termporal operators.

Vivian agrees with Jaroslav for the operators, and would like to suggest we look at the task types in the reference she sent in email, see:

Fabio: yes, we can look at that for consideration for the next version of the working draft.

See also Paolo's comments at:

where he says that the metamodel does not clearly separate the nature of the tasks from their structuring

Vivian: another question on selection vs filtering (?)

Fabio: yes, there should be such a distinction.

Progress on the AUI document, additional editors?

Vivian: we have updated the diagam and some of the text, and are working on completing the updates for next week's call.

Dave: we can review it in next week's call!

Progress on Introduction and Glossary documents

Marius: what progress has there been on the introduction document?

No responses.

(we have all been focusing on the task model document)

Any Other Business

Fabio: what about having a break in the calls during part of August due to vacations?

Dave: I will set up a poll as not everyone is on the call.

Marius: yes a doodle poll or similar.

end of meeting