MBUI Telecon 2012 August 2

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Chaired by: Marius, scribed by Dave


  • Dave Raggett, W3C
  • Marius Orfgen, DFKI
  • Cristina Cachon, CTIC
  • Sebastian Feuerstack, USC
  • Jaroslav Pullman, Fraunhofer


  • Gaelle Calvary, LIG
  • Joelle Coutaz, LIG
  • Gerrit Meixner, DFKI
  • Fabio Paterno, ISTI
  • Carmen Santoro, ISTI
  • Davide Spano, ISTI

Planned Agenda

  1. Review of the updated AUI draft
  2. Progress on the introduction
  3. Progress von the glossary
  4. Last telcon for this month?


Abstract UI

Vivian isn't on the call today, but promised last week to have updated the AUI to match the agreements reached at the Pisa face to face meeting.


No recent changes. Jaroslav has talked with Fabio in regards to some changes. Jaroslav plans to update the glossary once the AUI spec is more mature.

Marius: we should remove the terms that aren't used in the AUI and Task Models specs.

Jaroslav: not sure we are quite ready to do that. Also we've discussed some terms that are helpful for the introduction, which we would like to retain.

Intro to MBUI

Marius has reviewed the comments and asks Sebastian over the issue relating to design time vs run-time.

Sebastian: we need Gael to progress that, but she is on vacation right now.

Marius: let's continue with this on the next call.

Last telcon for this month?

This will be the last telecon for August and our next call will be on September 7th.

Any Other Business

Fabio has been appointed as a Co-Chair to help with chairing duties. Our thanks to Marius for stepping in on behalf of Gerrit. It will be up to Gerrit and Fabio to figure out who chairs upcoming calls, and they are free to delegate this role.

Dave notes that the Task Models specification is being published today!

end of meeting