MBUI Telecon 2012 April 19

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  • Current status of the working group note
  • Current status in the two task forces (Task model, Abstract UI)
  • Next F2F meetings (June in Pisa, October/November at the Tech Plenary in Lyon?)


  • Sebastian, Nikos, Jaroslav, Gerrit, Dave, Vivian, François, Pascal, Yaskari, Fabio, Carmen, Martin, Cristina, Nacho, Javier

Please correct the names as I am unsure of spelling, and didn't hear everyone clearly!



  • Gerrit


  • Dave


Vivian: for the AUI spec we will update the Google Docs document, but we don't have a complete document as yet. She has also been in touch with Jaroslav on the task models.

Gerrit asks Fabio what has been done on the Task Models task force.

Fabio: we suggest starting with CTT and asking for input on potential changes. We can start to analyse different proposals, but that would slow down the initial publication, so we prefer a pragmatic approach.

Gerrit: for me this sounds okay.

Fabio: we will put a first version of the class diagram and a description of the various elements into the draft specification document.

Gerrit: and we can then ask for input on what variations there are across different approaches. Is this okay for other people? Any other suggestions? [None heard]

Gerrit asks Jaroslav to repeat himself due to poor audio earlier on.

Jaroslav: I will contributing to the terminology section of the introductory note, and to the section on when to use MBUI. Vivian has sent me some relevant documents for me to read through. You can then provide me with feedback.

Dave asks Gerrit for any feelings on deadlines for getting the documents ready.

Gerrit: suggest finalizing use cases by next Thursday. Sebastian has done a good job on copying use cases into the draft note from the wiki. How long will ISTI need for a first draft for task models?

Fabio: a first draft should be possible for next week?

Gerrit: and how about you Vivian?

Vivian: yes, we could provide a first draft for the AUI for next week, we can adapt some of the content from the Serenoa deliverable.

Gerrit: we should then review these drafts in the next call, and give people some time for making comments, e.g. one or two weeks. This will allow people to look at other proposals

Next Face to Face Meeting

Gerrit asks if we could have a two day meeting in Pisa?

Fabio: that should indeed be possible. We discussed this at the Serenoa meeting a few days back, and wondered if we could start Monday morning and finish Tuesday lunch time, and then start the Sereno meeting in the afternoon and continue it the next day.

Gerrit: that sounds good, i.e. Monday June 11 - Tuesday June 12

MBUI Meeting at W3C Tech Plenary in Lyon, November 2012

Action: Dave to provide info about the TP and add a new slot for the meeting in our wiki.

Any Other Business

Jaroslav likes the idea of including some more practical examples of applying the models. Dave had added a slot for that to the draft Note.

Dave: we could perhaps use the examples from the Serenoa M18 demo?

Carmen: that would be useful.

Dave: I will have a go, but will be rather busy over the next few days.

Jaroslav: it would also be good to point to real world applications of MBUI design even if they are using proprietary modelling languages.

Fabio: we also have some papers that describe case studies in different domains, we could provide references to.

Jaroslav: it would be great to provide pointers to industrial applications in particular.

Gerrit: I could contribute some info on automotive applications, and will ask the company concerned.

Jaroslav: perhaps you could also see if they are interested in participating in the standardization? Having practical real world stories is really important.

Gerrit: looking at the company's website, they give a list of benefits.

Jaroslav: perhaps SAP could also help?

Invited Experts?

Dave notes that we have people on the list who aren't registered participants, and would like to know who would like to become invited experts.

Gerrit: we should add a section to the wiki on participation.

Sebastian: I would like to be considered as an Invited Expert.

Action: Dave to provide information on becoming an Invited Expert on the wiki and to the mailing list.

Next Call - April 26

Dave gives his regrets for the next call as he will travelling.