MBUI Telecon 2012 April 12

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Apologies for not having sent one out for this week's meeting.


  • Sebastian, Jaraoslav, Dave, Gerrit



  • Gerrit


  • Dave


We welcomed Gerrit back after his illness. Gerrit will be chairing future teleconferences, and plans to send out an agenda every Monday.

Dave noticed that the links from the wiki page to the Google docs for the editor's drafts were broken. This is fixed and the links are now working.

We then discussed what sections were needed for the Working Group Note and what role it will play given the MBUI Incubator Group Report

We think that it would be valuable to include some practical examples of applying model-based UI as background material to the actual specifications, which are likely to be rather concise. One possibility would be to take advantage of the work on the Serenoa M18 demonstrator.

The people on the call offered to contribute to particular sections (see the document for details) but we are seeking help from other participants in the MBUI WG.

Action: Dave to speak with the editors for the Task Models and Abstract UI specifications at next week's Serenoa Review to find out what the current status is for these documents, and to encourage rapid progress in the run up to first public working drafts.

Action: Gerrit to contact the Task Force leaders to find out their plans for progressing the work.

Action: Dave to ask Fabio about the June Face to Face meeting in Pisa, and to see if we can get a 2nd day for the MBUI WG F2F

Action: Dave to ask for a slot for MBUI WG at the 2012 Tech Plenary week in Lyon

Next Call - April 19