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This is the scratch space for development of a proposed CSS logo.


Create a distinct visual identity for CSS.

The existing visual identities, the "stacked boxes" and "Wooly the sheep" are not used is any significant way; in addition, the stacked boxes image is arguably visually distinct as a logo.

Other informal CSS logos –often used in presentations, on websites, in projects, on documentation sites, and so on– are mostly based on the HTML5 logo.


Useful for speakers, writers, businesses, enthusiasts, designers, and developers.


  • Community-building
  • Excitement and promotion
  • Strong identity fit with CSS target audience


  • Should have different size variants
    • Full-sized Logo
    • Small logo
    • Icon
    • Favicon
    • Might use Media Queries
  • Should allow for different color themes
  • Allow for customization


Anyone from CSS WG (member companies or Invited Experts) who are interested can join the “requirements” conversation (telcon / email)

Mailing list: public-logo-design@w3.org (archives)

Next Steps

  1. Initial requirements discovery session (late November / early December)
  2. Designer creates 1-2 proposals based on goals and requirements (Jan/Feb)
  3. Feedback session for option selection and review (1 or 2 sessions) (March)
  4. Multi-player promotion from interested parties (members, etc.) (April + )
    • stickers, tshirts, etc.
    • dedicated microsite / page
    • blog post, twitter campaign, etc.
    • timed with spec release?