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I co-chair the QA Working Group (QAWG) with KarlDubost.

Aside from administrativa, my main roles in QAWG are and have been: issues editor; current editor of QA Framework (QAF) Introduction; current editor of QAF Operational Guidelines, and QAF Operational Examples & Techniques; past editor of QAF Specification Guidelines.

My education is in mathematics. After some early fun in atmospheric modelling and numerical techniques, most of my time in computing has been spent in computer graphics, most particularly distributed and Web graphics. I have participated in graphics-related standards groups since the early days of the ISO CGM standard, and more recently in the W3C SVG Working Group (since its first meeting), as well as in several consortia around WebCGM and other CGM constituencies.

In addition to building graphics software, I have lots of past experience building test suites (esp. for graphics). This brings me to my principal interest within QAWG -- after the QAF is settled down, to build tools and techniques that will be useful to people building test materials for W3C's specifications.