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John Metta

Email: MailTo(john AT SPAMFREE hydra DOT si)

I am a hydrologist, anthropologist, programmer, and a digger of all things tech. Nestled snugly in the Columbia River Gorge, I'm doing my best to promote and expand the semantic web in hydrology and climate sciences.

I'm currently building a company called Hydrasi, a seed-stage, stealth-mode start-up that is focused on helping scientists, planners, managers and the general public learn about and deal with climate issues. We are shy on public details at the moment while we build our preliminary application, but visit Blogdrasi, the Hydrasi blog to keep up to date on status and to sign up as a beta tester.

Feel free to check out my personal homepage and my personal blog, and to contact me via email, Twitter @Mettadore, or @mettadore.